When I Grow Up!...

Recently my counterpart wrote about her visit to a strip tease class, and titled it, "I wanna be a stripper when I grow up!". Well, I went to an actual strip club this weekend, and I must say, the strippers there were surely all grown up!, lol. The things those woman can do with their bodies, lol...I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. And the way that they command full attention of all the men in their prescence, is an admirable quality! Their bodies make you want to run out and get a Brazillian, lol! I tell you, it takes some real balls to have enough confidence to strut around naked and have strangers practically all up and in between your everything! They flirt, they tease, they flaunt, they smile....they make their money, and their on there way!...and aint nothing wrong with that at all!:)


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