Dominican Hair Salons

If you are a New York woman you know as well as I do that there is nothing like a Dominican "Doobie" as we like to call it. I love going to the Dominican Salons for several reasons. They are well known for giving you healthy hair from using their Dominican conditioners (Diez de Uno), roller sets that give you that va va voom,  they are very inexpensive and quite fast at rolling and blowing your hair once dried. I personally go to Milly's Dominican Salon on Austell Road in Austell, GA. My stylist is Ruth and she is awesome plus I get to practice my Espanol too :0) Milly's even does $19 wash n sets and $45 relaxers' on Tuesdays. On a regular day the wash n set is $25. Now I know as a native New Yorker that these prices can be seen as astronomical compared to a measly $10 you can pay back home but for GA they are on point and much less expensive than going to a black salon where I have to wait all damn day and pay out the you know what!

If you are ever in the neighborhood visit Milly's. You won't be disappointed.
They can be reached at 678-324-8969.

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