When should the female pick up the tab?

Dear Readers,

In this modern day and age alot of women have taken on the role of the independent woman and wear their Shera cape proudly as she flys from place to place handling things such as motherhood, being the ultimate wife, and even the boss in the office, however there are still so many single women out there who can't seem to find a good man and it isn't that there aren't any good men out there, perhaps they are putting out the wrong vibes and simply attracting the wrong men?.... Anyway with the topic of the independent woman in mind and dating I am wondering what the masses think on the female picking up the tab during the courting stages of relationships and dating.

My ideals on the subject are that there are some who suggest that it becomes a woman’s duty to pay at or around the third date or atleast offer to pick up the tip. I couldn’t disagree more. I'd like to think that most men would take the chivalrous approach when it comes to dating, and as a result, pay for a large majority of all dating activities BUT there does come a time when the financial load should be shared. I tend to think that whomever extends the date invitation should offer to pay at the very least. It just makes sense to me. When you are dating, for starters, you want to give off a great impression so you can’t ask him to join you for lunch and then be upset if he doesn’t cover the entire tab because it was your idea right? Now if he does offer, then great, but you can’t walk into the date having that expectation. Also, remember you are the independent woman right so especially if you swooped down on him in your Shera cape wearing that fly business suit and driving your luxury car to extned him your business card and ask him on a date as if it were a business transaction then you shouldn't be up in arms if he expects you to take out the AMEX and pay for the meal.

In my opinion, the ideal dating scenario consists of both sides working together to make things work for you, so if you are a woman that wants to be wined and dined then don't go offering to pick up the tab all the time and complain that he is lazy and cheap. Also, if you’re dating someone, and you really want it to thrive, then you shouldn’t have a problem occasionally putting your money where your mouth is.

On the flip side, ALOT of men need to just relax and get over the macho sense of self thinking they need to pay for everything in order to be in control because although money makes the world go round it may not be that way when governing the rules in your household or relationships.

Just my thoughts


The BAD chick!?????/

Here are some women I would call 'classic' beauties, but it still baffles me as to what clearly defines a woman as 'BAD' in a man's eyes? What separates the 'BAD' chicks from the everyday pretty girls of the world? Fella's do tell?
Inquiring minds wanna know.....


My 3 Fashion PICKS of the Week!

#1. Blake Lively in Versace-You go Gossip Girl! I love this look from head to toe, and man is she working it! I love her body, the attitude she is giving in that pose, the simplicity of her hair, makeup, and jewels, and the dress is absolutely beautiful! Now thats something to gossip about!

#2. Victoria Beckham in Louis Vuitton-oh so Posh! I love the simple elegance of the hair and makeup which is only appropriate for such a "wow" dress.

#3. Ivanka Trump in Brian Reyes-Its different...I probably couldnt get away with wearing it, lol...but on Ivanka it works....very chic and classy.



I dont know which Olsen this is, and although I do love the color I must say Im not a fan of the dress...
Louis Vuitton or not....what was Madonna thinking?

Im all for being different and creative....but....

The Editor and Chief of Vogue Magazine Anna Wintour....???....lol

And I NEVER thought a day would come when I'd ever have to say a bad word about my fashion icon Rihanna....so I wont say anything....just let you see for yourself...im sad:(


Which LOOK Do You Prefer??...

Glamour and Glitz ala Tyra?, or Sleek and Sophisticated ala Ciara?


Ive Got the BLUES...

Ive noticed lately that when Ive been shopping or looking around for nice going out dresses Ive been gravitating towards the color blue. I thought it was kind of weird since I didnt really think I was a fan of the color to begin with. I guess it all started when I "discovered" blue nail polish last fall, lol. Everyone was wearing these dark and rich brown and black colors and for some reason I just couldnt get with it, so I opted to try blue...lo and behold I fell in love:). I loved the way the color seemed to just make my fingers and toes pop, even though it was a dark color. And then as the season changed I found a new aqua blue which was lighter for spring time but seemed to have the same pizzazz. Ive since added three new blue dresses to my wardrobe and even have a blue flower accessory to adorn my hair with. I dont know ladies, but there is just something about this blue color this season...and its not just the regular blue, but the blueish greens, and the aquamarines as well....Im drawn to it everytime I go shopping, lol...

As I perused the internet this morning, I came across pictures from the 2009 Costume Institute Gala Red Carpet and was pleased to see that Im not the only one with the blues lately...


YOU need a change in FOCUS

I've seen the phrase, "I'm so glad I got laid off!" across the net lately and it is actually quite comical in a sense but also a statement of revelation. Ever since the recession has made staggering change in American's lives many people have been forced unwilling to make significant adjustments in their daily lives including me. The news bombards you daily with stories of the swine flu making everyone wear those sanitary masks over their faces, recession, unemployment and other issues of global warfare. It is all very disheartening BUT the good news is that God remains certain in HIS promises to us even in our times of uncertainty. I personally am very uncommonly calm about my personal pursuits. Although I have never been one to panick I just trust that God has a better plan for me. I am taking this time to pursue my dream of working for myself. I know that I can do it and with all that I have learned over the years from working in corporate america it just seems so attainable to me now moreso than ever before. I believe that I will succeed in my endeavors and I even started to look up pursuing government bids for design jobs. I'm at the hurry up and wait point right now but the rainbow is yet so near....... I don't want to feel like I'm trapped by a glass ceiling and running in the rat race ever again. How about you? Do you need a change in focus?


No MUFFIN TOP for Momma

Halle was dubbed as the Show stopper of the week on concreteloop and I would have to agree. She has always looked great but hands down after child birth she looks amazing to me! No muffin top for momma! I want to look like her when I grow up. Today I ran around my subdivision, up and down the hills, so much so that I felt nauseated when I returned home but I am more than determined to lose this gut and strut my stuff this summer. No more muffin top for me!



The Women.....It's all about the Men!

I had the chance to view the movie, "The Women," today and was quite surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the dialogue between the characters. The movie was based around 4 women whose lives all intertwined with each others in friendship. The main character, Mary Haines, was married to a wealthy businessman who ends up having an affair with the infamous 'perfume bitch.' lol The spritzer was played by Eva Mendez who performed the role of a sexy perfume girl at Saks that lured Mr. Haines with her charm. This brings me to my next point.

How many marriages become unraveled due to affair? Do you think it is because either party is bored and needs that extra umph to get the spark going again or are there both men and women out there with full intention of sleeping with your husband or wife without the slightest care in the world? I've always heard about the 7 year itch some married folks get and this couple was together for 13. He was in Saks purchasing perfume for his wife. Isn't safe to say he was happily married before he met the seductress? So are we really that weak as humans or is there always someone 'bad' enough to temp us into infidelity?

Things that make me go hmmmm......




Everytime I tell a man that Im a Scorpio two things happen...#1 they instantly smile, and #2 they go, "Ahhhh...so your a freak?" Who said that??...

Now I read astrology books and horoscopes and all about the certain characteristics that each of the astrological signs are supposed to possess, so I know good and well that they "say" that Scorpios are the "most sexually oriented" sign. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day (no names will be used for security purposes!, lol-I told her I would write that;), and she happens to be a scorpio as well. She was telling me how 2 scorpios together make a great sexual combination, to be discreet, if you get my drift, lol. As I think back, Ive had one scorpio lover, and to be honest, it wasnt all that...in fact, it just may have been the worst ever!, lol. So that leaves me to wonder just what is the "best sex sign"?...

...inquiring minds want to know!