Everytime I tell a man that Im a Scorpio two things happen...#1 they instantly smile, and #2 they go, "Ahhhh...so your a freak?" Who said that??...

Now I read astrology books and horoscopes and all about the certain characteristics that each of the astrological signs are supposed to possess, so I know good and well that they "say" that Scorpios are the "most sexually oriented" sign. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day (no names will be used for security purposes!, lol-I told her I would write that;), and she happens to be a scorpio as well. She was telling me how 2 scorpios together make a great sexual combination, to be discreet, if you get my drift, lol. As I think back, Ive had one scorpio lover, and to be honest, it wasnt all that...in fact, it just may have been the worst ever!, lol. So that leaves me to wonder just what is the "best sex sign"?...

...inquiring minds want to know!


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