The Women.....It's all about the Men!

I had the chance to view the movie, "The Women," today and was quite surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the dialogue between the characters. The movie was based around 4 women whose lives all intertwined with each others in friendship. The main character, Mary Haines, was married to a wealthy businessman who ends up having an affair with the infamous 'perfume bitch.' lol The spritzer was played by Eva Mendez who performed the role of a sexy perfume girl at Saks that lured Mr. Haines with her charm. This brings me to my next point.

How many marriages become unraveled due to affair? Do you think it is because either party is bored and needs that extra umph to get the spark going again or are there both men and women out there with full intention of sleeping with your husband or wife without the slightest care in the world? I've always heard about the 7 year itch some married folks get and this couple was together for 13. He was in Saks purchasing perfume for his wife. Isn't safe to say he was happily married before he met the seductress? So are we really that weak as humans or is there always someone 'bad' enough to temp us into infidelity?

Things that make me go hmmmm......


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