YOU need a change in FOCUS

I've seen the phrase, "I'm so glad I got laid off!" across the net lately and it is actually quite comical in a sense but also a statement of revelation. Ever since the recession has made staggering change in American's lives many people have been forced unwilling to make significant adjustments in their daily lives including me. The news bombards you daily with stories of the swine flu making everyone wear those sanitary masks over their faces, recession, unemployment and other issues of global warfare. It is all very disheartening BUT the good news is that God remains certain in HIS promises to us even in our times of uncertainty. I personally am very uncommonly calm about my personal pursuits. Although I have never been one to panick I just trust that God has a better plan for me. I am taking this time to pursue my dream of working for myself. I know that I can do it and with all that I have learned over the years from working in corporate america it just seems so attainable to me now moreso than ever before. I believe that I will succeed in my endeavors and I even started to look up pursuing government bids for design jobs. I'm at the hurry up and wait point right now but the rainbow is yet so near....... I don't want to feel like I'm trapped by a glass ceiling and running in the rat race ever again. How about you? Do you need a change in focus?


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