When should the female pick up the tab?

Dear Readers,

In this modern day and age alot of women have taken on the role of the independent woman and wear their Shera cape proudly as she flys from place to place handling things such as motherhood, being the ultimate wife, and even the boss in the office, however there are still so many single women out there who can't seem to find a good man and it isn't that there aren't any good men out there, perhaps they are putting out the wrong vibes and simply attracting the wrong men?.... Anyway with the topic of the independent woman in mind and dating I am wondering what the masses think on the female picking up the tab during the courting stages of relationships and dating.

My ideals on the subject are that there are some who suggest that it becomes a woman’s duty to pay at or around the third date or atleast offer to pick up the tip. I couldn’t disagree more. I'd like to think that most men would take the chivalrous approach when it comes to dating, and as a result, pay for a large majority of all dating activities BUT there does come a time when the financial load should be shared. I tend to think that whomever extends the date invitation should offer to pay at the very least. It just makes sense to me. When you are dating, for starters, you want to give off a great impression so you can’t ask him to join you for lunch and then be upset if he doesn’t cover the entire tab because it was your idea right? Now if he does offer, then great, but you can’t walk into the date having that expectation. Also, remember you are the independent woman right so especially if you swooped down on him in your Shera cape wearing that fly business suit and driving your luxury car to extned him your business card and ask him on a date as if it were a business transaction then you shouldn't be up in arms if he expects you to take out the AMEX and pay for the meal.

In my opinion, the ideal dating scenario consists of both sides working together to make things work for you, so if you are a woman that wants to be wined and dined then don't go offering to pick up the tab all the time and complain that he is lazy and cheap. Also, if you’re dating someone, and you really want it to thrive, then you shouldn’t have a problem occasionally putting your money where your mouth is.

On the flip side, ALOT of men need to just relax and get over the macho sense of self thinking they need to pay for everything in order to be in control because although money makes the world go round it may not be that way when governing the rules in your household or relationships.

Just my thoughts

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