Interracial Dating

I have been pondering this topic since viewing the movie, Australia, the other day. Featured in the movie was a mixed boy named Nahla whose mixed ethnicity of White and Aborigine deemed him being labeled as a "creamy." His complexion was caramel with almond shaped eyes and sunkissed curly locks. A very handsome little fellow I might add, was in danger of being taken away from his mother and native land to be cast into a 'boarding school' simply because of his race and being labeled as 'wild.' HIs own white father tried to kill him in the movie as to avoid being found out. This entire scenario made me thing about interracial dating and the differences as well as challenges some still face today, in 2009, in what is supposedly a nation of many liberties.
The controversy around interracial dating and marriage has existed for many centuries. Most opposition has stemmed from insecurities and fear of 'racial impurity.' As you may know, many moons ago, interracial marriage and or dating was banned in many countries including the great United States. Although, now in 2009, these banning laws are nonexistent, there still exists an underlying discontent for interracial marriage, especially when it comes to mixing the black and white race. I personally think that those White racists would rather see an Asian and White or Hispanic and White couple as opposed to a White woman with a Black Man. This sentiment leads me to my next question. For those who choose to date outside their race, what is it that drives you to 'something new?' What are the differences if any found when dating outside of your race? I have always heard comedians talk about the ABW and this being the reason why brothas flock in droves to date a White woman, as we supposedly have too much attitude and sass to deal with. Contrarily I've also heard Black women complain about there not being an ample population of educated, progressive thinking and employed brothas to choose from so they flock towards dating white men. For me, I know that I want to marry an educated, employed and progressive man myself. I don't think that I am opposed to dating outside my race. I've dated a Dominican, Puerto Rican and Ghanian man in the past but ultimately in the back of my mind I still believe that there is nothing better than a 'Black' man for me lol It is just something about their swagga, physique, complexion and driven attitude. I'm not saying that I can not find this in a man of another race but I would prefer to wed and raise my children with a man of my own race. I guess the old saying of "Don't knock it til you try it" rings loudly here. What could be the harm? What are your thoughts???????


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