Edress ME!

Ok so I have been pondering my friend's upcoming June wedding and I haven't a thing to wear. I have not attended a wedding since college and there have been so many new trends since then. I even googled the appropriate monetary gift or traditional wedding presents, however I know that now a days most people opt to do a gift registry which takes the guess work right out of the equation. Ok so anyways back to me lol I have been perusing the net for awhile and found the following dresses. There is so much to consider though, the bride is wearing white of course so that's out and nothing remotely similar to a wedding gown will do either. Then you don't want to have too much pizazz because you don't want to out do the bride lol Let me know what you think of these ladies.....



  1. I like the green one! I like the purple trapeze dress too.....but the green one is my favorite!!!

  2. I like the green one too and the back is bad!