A Piece of ME

I had the privellege of hanging out with my best buddy this weekend and doing something a little different, as she put it. We went to see "A Piece of Me", a stage play by playwright Jermaine Smith. The premise for the play was a young man trying to battle the anger and contempt that he held for his abusive and alcoholic father in the midst of a troubling time, and when his father and family needed him the most. This play dealt with drug abuse, sexual abuse, infidelity, and strengthening family ties...all the while sprinkling in The Lord, here and there. Now I have never been to what I would call a "religious play", nor would I categorize myself as an avid church goer, but the message of the play was loud and clear, and I didnt need a Bible to understand it.

"A Piece of Me" was cleverly written and very entertaining, once the ball got rolling. But my only discrepancy with it would be the issue of sex, which the play touched on by having a short, somewhat awkward scene, about being celibate. Now I know many a church goer who tote their Bible around M-F, and then are "shakin' it fast" in the club by the weekend. Their preaching fidelity and celibacy on one day, and then are trying to get in your pants the next. I went to Atlantic City this weekend, a mini sin city, and was almost trampled in the crowd trying to get on the bus back home at 6 in the morning because people were trying to make it to 9am church service! I mean come on, shouldnt we be practicing what we preach?, as the old saying goes...

~J. Genese

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