Everybody's Different

Everybody's Different....

Everyone is different stems from a radio talk show I listened to yesterday while running to the dollar general :0) The radio jockey talked about how the current economy is affecting couple's relationships. He went on to say that although the two people decide that they no longer wish to be involved because of the economy many are choosing to remain in the same home and in some instances remain to have so called 'guiltless' sex. WTF! Is it that hard to move out on your own and set up shop on your own turf? Once married couples decide to get a divorce or 'separation' yet still sleep in the same bed for the sake of the wallet oh and let's not forget about how confused the children must be after you've sat them down for the "This is not working" talk yet they see you two behaving as you would on a normal day. I just don't get it????? but I have to remind myself that everybody is different.


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