Angry Black Woman

I had a conversation recently with a man in my life about the "Angry Black Woman," and he had the nerve (neck rolling) to say that I could be categorized as an ABW because I don't like stupidity and often get angered at adults displaying ignorance and lack of commonsense. I beg your pardon Sir! lol Just kidding but really the ABW has often been categorized as a black woman who is achievement oriented, kind of no nonsense, not particularly kind or compassionate but driven. I would admit that I am driven when it comes to things I am passionate about but by no means am I an angered woman who always is walking around with a frown on my face and my hand on my hips. I am not a tart-tounged, neck rolling, loud mouthed sistah.  I am not ghetto-fabulous, I do not feel as though my life is grim and bleek and nor am I anyone's babymomma looking for a hand out or mad at the "Man" for my position in life. Today the ABW is so ingrained in our society that the tag gets slapped on the back of any black woman who is assertive or in a position of power. I must admit yes one of my biggest pet peeves is stupidity. I am angered when interacting with adults who feel as tough ignorance is bliss and common sense is optional BUT I am not an ABW. 
I am me ;0)


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  1. Morning Everyone.....
    I was browsing through my now favorite stop on the net 2 che, and as usual enjoying the post put up by the bloggers when I came across this blog and I have to say it gave me pause.
    I agreed with the first part about woman being categorized as angry when they are acheivement oriented and no nonsense. But, I do disagree with "baby mamma looking for a hand out"
    I am a mother who is not with the father of my child "baby mamma", and I am not angry nor am I looking for a handout. Do I expect my daughter's father to help me with raising my child emotionally, physically and financially......YES!!!! Looking for a handout.....NO!!!!! I think that generalization of mother's who for whatever reason are not with the men that fathered their child is offensive. Im acheivement oriented, driven and no nonsense.....but I am also a mother with a responsibility to my daughter, to make sure is taken care of the best way possible which includes her father's support.