The Ex Factor

"By all means, move at a glacial pace-you know how that thrills me!" 

I love that line from Devil Wears Prada and it is most appropriate for my topic on the Ex Factor. I was talking with a girlfriend the other day and this topic has been on my mind recently. The topic I am referring to is how long do you have to wait for a ring before he becomes the "Ex Factor?" I dated my last guy for about 3 years and we hardly ever talked about engagement and if we did it was in third party. Come on give me a break? I have learned sooooo much about myself and what I want going forward and for starters I certainly am NOT dating for 3 years and counting on a ring. That is just absurd. Don't you know if I'm the one within the 1st year? I get wanting to wait awhile, perhaps move in together, meet the family, check out the credit history etc but even all that can be done in two years. What's the sense in playing house if you don't want to settle in it? I'm getting older and as I approach my 30th birthday I continue to think about two of my future goals 1. Getting married and 2. Having children and most certainly in that order too! As I unpacked my Opera gift bag this morning from Saturday night, I came across a b card entitled Ex-cessories, which sounded interesting so of course I went on their website and Ta daaah I was faced with luxurious jewls given to women by their ex's LMAO this is great! Their modo is "Don't get mad....Break Even!" How appropriate for a woman scorned whose been wearing her engagement years for the past 5 years and he won't set a date.......

Visit their site at www.ex-cessories.com


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