The Female Hater

I'm starting with the famous question, "Can't we all just get along?" Apparently NOT! I love females as friends and being one myself I think that it's nothing greater than a genuine and long lasting female friendship. Even one of my best friends is none other than my 2 che partner, J.Genese and I don't even see her annually either. We chat over the phone and online mostly but I still feel a strong connection to her regardless. I thought of this concept of the female hater stemming from my work experiences. I experienced subtle and blatant hate at my last employer and most of it was quite comical. It came from peers and a supervisor alike and I viewed it as 'hate' all the same. I mean why can't a woman give another woman a compliment on her shoe you just eye fcked instead of rolling your eyes or if you admire another's shape because she doesn't have the muffin top you've been carrying around for the past 5 years or the fact that her real hair is actually more luxurious than the wig sitting atop  your dome or that she is a professional- looks the part and certainly speaks it and you think she's a sell out trying to be white. Get a grip speaking, English is not selling out ladies. Read a damn book! Oh and let's not forget the famous fashion inquiry of "Where did you get that?" and you are met with the response of Paris or Milan or something totally ridiculous and facetious. Yeaaaah right, find it on a map &itch! lol I  thought recently with the possible opportunity to work in an all black establishment that "Oh this is going to be sooo cool working around my sistahs!" but then I had a conversation with some female friends who explained that the 'hate' factor might just get kicked up a notch. I was so disappointed in hearing this but I can't even front like I didn't get a few dirty looks during my 4 day working interview. I'm looking for an applause when I walk through the door and my suit makes you wish you could change lol It's so disheartening when I hear females say I only have male friends because females are so 'catty." So I ask again, "Can't we all just get along?"


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