The NEW Path Train!!

So I finally got to take a ride on the NEW and improved Path train this morning, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed! As soon as I saw it pull into the station my eyes lit up!, and upon entering through one of the 3 sets of doors, they got even bigger! First of all, the cars are huge!, providing way more riding space for commuters. The seats are extra big and provide just the right amount of space for riders to sit comfortably during their trek from NJ to NY, and vice versa. There's a nice and loud automated "conducter voice" which announces each stop and the next, so that riders can be fully aware of where they are headed. Thats going to be great for tourists, who always seem to hop on the wrong train, lol. And last but not least, the ride was very smooth and quiet....providing a nice and easy ride to start off my work day!:)
Nice going NJ Transit!

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