WTC...FINALLY Making Progress...

As we embark upon the 8th anniversary of the tragic World Trade Center catastrophe, I am some what delighted to say that we are finally making progress. I travel to New Jersey every day on my commute to work, and have passed the WTC site almost everyday after its re-opening. As Ive looked out the window over the years Ive noticed the snail paced progress that was being made in the attempts to rectify and recover the site where the World Trade Center once stood. I slowly started to not even bother to look, because the debris filled site was just a constant reminder of what once was, and of how far we had to go to get to where we needed to be.

Well out of the rubble and ashes and debris rises a new clean slate that builders have started working on to bring forth the new and improved World Trade Center....I'd like to call it a great progress in the making...

~J. Genese

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