Ok first, that picture above is funny, he he he...get it?...well alright anyways....its Reality TV Time, and boy do I watch a lot of it, Monday nights being the ring leader. I cant wait to see who's going home tonight on "Ray J of Love"!, and I think Unique and Danger are finally going to have it out. I must say, doll face Unique has been stepping up her game as of lately, I guess she really does have love for Ray J, or she just really wants to win the most. I think she's too big for him, lol, and omg she may have a beautiful face by far, but does that mean she has to dress like...like that?!, lol....and even though I say I dont watch "I Love Money 2", I already heard that its going to be funny tonight so ill probably tune in...I hope that dang green team finally loses cause Im tired of Safari, Buck Wild (with her fake "black girl"/hillbilly accent) and Frank the Entertainer thinking they running things on these challenges! Oooh!, and speaking of challenges, The infamous Real World/Road Rules challenge is coming back on!, and it looks good! But back to Monday, now I can only watch "I Love Money 2" in between "Dancing With the Stars" because I have to keep up with Lil Kim, who is doing awfully well, and my two favorite professionals, Edyta and Cheryll...man I long to have a ballroom dancers body!!, but I'll take a video girls body as well....and speaking of, I think I missed "Candy Girls" yesterday, but im sure I can catch it on the repeat. I thought I was making reality tv progress when I gave up watching "Rock of Love 2, or 3, or whatever number it is", because last week he got rid of my two favorites and most watchable ones, but Ive only migrated to a new show, "Tough Love", he he he...I dont know whats funnier to watch, this guy find love for 12 hopeless women, or "The Millionare Matchmaker" find love for hopeless men, millionares or not, there still pathetic. Thank goodness "The City" is off!, wheeew!....I get some time to breath before "The Hills" comes back on, yaaay! I still have to catch up on and catch the new "Real Housewives of NY" this week, and then tune in for the season finale of "The Bad Girls Club"...and then I think Im done with my reality TV fix for the week!
....now that wasnt so bad was it?:)

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