I am all WOMAN

"You are a delicate flower, soft & warm, feminine in every way, nothing less than a lady... My lady" These are the poetic words I received in a text from my man yesterday and they brought a smile to my face! Awww how sweet it is to be loved. I love being a woman. I was just thinking the other day how great it is to be female. We rule the world and bring life and comfort to all. I just love doing my make up, wearing different fashions, indulging myself with a new recipe or making a mess of something in the kitchen, changing up my hairstyles, smelling like a "japanese cherryblossom", and most of all having a vagina lol I know I know so lude but it is the one thing that all women have and can use to our advantage. I'm not talking about selling it just 'using what yo momma gave ya.' lol Like S.Harvey said in his book, "ya'll women just don't know how good you have it and how much power you give to men when you give away that cookie to one that is undeserving."

On another note...
I love that the weather is breaking here now because sunshine is my favorite kind of weather. I wish it could be sunny always but I do appreciate the life that rain brings to the earth.


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