Ageless Beauty

Ok so I'm driving along to the subdivison just now and as I passed this young thug on the sidewalk I thought to myself now he really needs a make over! I was laughing at him to myself while he bopped down the street in his oversized clothing and fake chain thinking that he is tough or something. lol I looked up in my rearview mirror to see him throwing up his hands as if he thought my stare was a look of lust or something and he wanted to signal to me to holler at him. lmao Then as I entered the first street I passed two more young and impressionable high school males who eyed me til I pulled up in the driveway. One of them shouted out hey you must be about 18 huh lol I blushed and yelled back "um no" and he said well you look like it. Well that just made my day! I sure hope he wasn't lying lol

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