Whats New in YOUR City?

So after some "after work" drinks, I decided what the heck, and to take my friend up on an offer for dinner. Seeing as how i dont get out that much, any place i go to is always a new experience for me, as was the case with UPTOWN, a lounge on the upper east side in NYC. I liked the atmosphere and the vibe was cool, as it provided a loungy, bar like feel, with club appeal. The patrons varied from the "after-workers" to the "getting ready for the clubbers". You can dine at the bar or opt for cozy booth-like seating. They have special signature UPTOWN martinis, of which I had 2, and they were quite delish. For dinner I had a chicken with pasta dish, which couldve been better but still was satisfying. Overall, I would recommend the trendy UPTOWN Lounge for a girls night out or for some after work specials...it was pretty cool indeed...


Then fueled up with the energy from the UPTOWN Lounge, I felt the night was young, and so was I! So I decided to give one of my girlfriends a visit at the club she was working at for the night, and this Friday happened to be Club Aura. I must say...a lot has changed since our days of "Speeed", lol, and as I sat at the door as she worked and took the party-goers $20, $30, and even $40!...prices I surely dont recall ever paying then or now, one thing was made apparent...I sure wasnt young anymore!


~J. Genese

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  1. I agree we are not young anymore and long gone are the days when I vowed to be at the latest club sipping drinks, chatting with the fellas and grinding my fabulous heels into the dancefloor. Goodbye twenties and hello thirties! :)