You've been Spoofed!

Ok so I heard about this on the radio the other day and could not contain my laughter. People are so decietful these days that you have to use extreme measures in pursuit of the truth.

Read an excerpt from the website below:

"I caught my boyfriend talking to another girl!! I found a number he was texting so i used the spoof card and called his phone number and put that number as the caller id when he anwserd and i did not say anything he was like hello rachel i can't hear you. It was good to have this card so things like this don't happen to people!!"

The product is called the spoof card. It virtually allows you to call a number from your phone using an alias number so that your contact doesn't know its you. You can even use a voice disguiser as well! Many people have already adopted the craze and I'm sure 99.9% of them are women trying to catch their men in the act. Visit their website at www.spoofcard.com and check it out for yourself. You may never know, you may actually need one lol

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