Why Him? Why Her? Relationships/Dating

Last night while watching 20/20 I was faced with the ever daunting question Why Him? Why Her? I guess it's simple enough to say that once one reaches a certain age they come to believe that life's greatest gift is finding their perfect mate. Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher thinks she's found the answer! She believes that there are two parts of the personality: character and temperament. Character of course is comprised of things you've developed over the course of life experience and temperament is your inherited traits. There are 4 types of temperaments: Explorers (risk takers), Builders (cautious but not fearful), Directors (analytical) and Negotiators (broadminded imaginative). The show followed four couples over the course of their dating which started at a speed dating event in New York. Not surpsingly, only two of the four couples ended up in a long term relationship; one resulting in marriage.
I guess what I take away from watching a special like this is "Why does dating have to be so damn complicated?" What happened to the bilssful days of catching someone's eye, don't those chemical reactions from pheremones play a huge part in attraction anymore or have we chalked it all up to your potential mates balance on their ATM receipt or the famous Capital One quote "What's in your wallet?" or perhaps something more obvious like that S type he's driving. As I steadily approach my 30's, taking baby steps mind you lol, I continue to wonder keeping in mind that our divorce rate is now over 50%; what actually makes up a long lasting and happy marriage. Why Him? Why Her? But most importantly when will I meet my other half???

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  1. Well...I dont think that dating has to be so complicated, I think people make it complicated, and thats where the problems lie...And what happened to the blissful days of catching someone's eye and letting your natural attraction to someone just "happen" is that people are busy catching too many peoples eye!, lol...their not satisfied with just one person and seeing what can come of that relationship, NOOOOOO,they always want to play the field and see if the grass is greener on the other side...a little touchy topic there:), lol...