Rhianna vs Beyoncé

"Which one doesn't belong?" lol
So you've all noticed the racy apparel that adorns Ms. Rhiana as she's become quite a fashion icon; however Beyoncé has been on the scene for quite some time and has always been known for her good looks, curvaous body and unbeweaveable tresses not her fashion sense. So just why is it now has she all of a sudden become a futuristic fashionista? I'll tell you why it's because Ms. Rhi Rhi is giving her a run for her money in both the fashion deparment as well as record sales. I love Rhiana's style, voice and alternative songs especially the "Disturbia" song and I have an appreciation for Beyoncé's vocal range as well; however I'm so over the frenzy about her looks, she's overrated if you ask me. Strip down all the 'fixing's' and see what you get without all the layers..... I personally admire the more natural beauty of women like Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long and Alicia Keys.

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