Oooh la la...a new series coming to BET about my wonderful city and fascinating neighborhood, Harlem...check it out...
"People from all walks of life flock to New York City. But the historic neighborhood of Harlem seems to attract the best and brightest of Black America. Some of the country's grandest young tastemakers now call the legendary neighborhood home, and this beautiful and eclectic bunch are determined to take the biggest bite they can out of the Big Apple. They work hard and play harder, living life to the fullest while acknowledging the past and confidently claiming the future. The glamorous lives of this new crop of the young Black elite are captured in BET’s newest reality series. HARLEM HEIGHTS provides a window into the fascinating world of New York's young, Black and fabulous. Set against the backdrop of the increasingly-gentrified neighborhood of Harlem, the series features a diverse cast of eight young adults who share common goals as they make the post-college leap into adulthood, finding love and success in the big city on their own terms."
Tune in for the premiere of HARLEM HEIGHTS on Monday, March 2 at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) on your local BET station.

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