Missed Connections....How Romantic!

So I was at riding in the car today with a few co-workers on our way to a cute cafe for lunch when we stopped at a light on Cobb Pkwy and I looked over and fell in love/lust lol I mean this guy was gorgeous! He looked mixed between Asian and Black and his skin was radiant as the sunlight hit his profile. Before you know it I was staring at him and mouthed the words "Damn he's fine" while he was looking right back at me. I should have asked my girlfriend to pull over but I let it be. Then lo and behold I found myself at work on craigslist posting an ad on the "missed connections' link lol I must be crazy as I was told by my 2 ché buddy but who know's he could of been thinking the same sentiment "maybe she's single' cause I was obviously interested by the way I was almost drooling as we pulled away ;0( lol I just think these types of love stories are so romantic as I'm a hopeless romantic at heart lol
Signing off missed connection Minique~ lol

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