Role Reversal

I was chatting last night about a few topics of conversation and role reversal came into play. We were discussing relationships and how men and women can tend to fall into role reversal whether it is because of habit, adaptability or choice. I specifically thought about women, being female myself, and how many traditional male characterisitics one can embodie in this modern day. Let's take a moment to do a brief evaluation and answer yes or no to the following questions if you are female:

1. Do you own a screwdriver, hammer or drill and possess the knowledge of how to use it?
2. Can you change out a lightbulb?
3. Do you take out your own trash?
4. Can you do anything to your car, besides pumping gas, like changing a brake light etc if needed?
5. Can you aim, point and shoot a gun?
6. Do you bring home the lion's share of income if you are in a relationship?
7. Do you or have you ever pick (ed) up the bill when eating out with a male counterpart?
8. Can you or have you ever done what is considered man's yardwork, not gardening?
9. Can you do a man's push up? lol
10. Can you or have you ever moved furniture (light or heavy) on your own?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions do you feel as though this makes you 'masculine' in any way shape or form? Now I have to admit that I have been in relationships in the past where I owned more tools lol or knew how to fix something around the house that he did not; however all of the so called 'masculine' traits that I have first hand knowledge of first stems from my father teaching both myself and my brother how to do certain things in life or from adapting to men these days lacking in departments in which they should not. I chose the picture above with Angelina Jolee slouched in her office in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith because she played a very powerful, successful woman who made just as much money as her man and could shoot with the best of them. I can have done all those things and more listed in my questions, let me know what you think? Does this make me more masculine than I should be as a woman or is it good for both women and men to know how to do some of the things that are usually associated with the opposite sex. Let me know your thoughts......


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