Free as a Bird....

Today I felt free as bird because I decided to rent a bike and go riding on the Silver Comet Trail. It was an impulse decision but I've contemplated it before on more than one occassion. Ok so I walked in past all the cool looking cycles and asked how much to rent a bike? The man kindly told me it would be 10 bucks for the regular comfort bike and upwards of 16 per hour for the space age, athletic bikes so I opted for the 10 dollar one. I gave them my cc information and off in the wind I went. I have to admit I was a bit wobbly on it at first as I hadn't rode a bike in years but I quickly adjusted and was speeding past the walking folks. I felt like a kid again with the wind beneath my wings and listening to the nature surrounding me. Ahhhh I felt a sense of serenity.

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