The rock of Love.

I am truly touched by my 'boyfriend' Jason's recent showing of affection and love in my most trying time of need and support. I hate to use the term boyfriend because he has truly shown me just how endearing a real man can be. Although we have gone through some rough spots as any other couple usually does. I think with tenancity, goodwill and determination love can conquer all. I greatly appreciate how he's opened up to me and shared some of his personal life experiences which has helped me to see the bigger picture. It always helps to seek advice from those who've already 'gone through the fire.' Thanks Jason for being there and for being YOU. ;0) I really do feel loved.

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  1. AWWWWWWW!!!...(ilck, yuck, im choking!!, lol)..Sike, im just kidding mini cheese...Im glad that Jason is stepping up and being the man that you always wanted him to be, that you always KNEW he could be...and Im happy that your happy:)...tell Jason good job, he gets two thumbs up from the big apple!... and that he better keep up the good work!!:)