I wanna be a stripper when I grow up!

Last night I went to Opera to attend the Pole la Teaz demonstration. I was invited by a friend that is a member of their gym and I've heard rave reviews. Last night the class was focused on sexy walking and moves to stimulate your partner. Now while the instructions were very elementary for me lol I can see the benefit of attending one of the more advanced classes. I've been to quite a few of the clubs here in Atlanta to name a few: Body Tap, Magic City, Dirty Rats lol, and Dancers' Elite. I've learned a thing or two from just watching but I imagine that there is nothing like actual hands on learning! They have a class entitiled "Jiggle It" that focuses on how to work a woman's greatest asset "her ass." :0) I think I will sign myself up for one of their casual classes for $15 and see for myself all that Pole la Teaz has to offer. Clear heels here I come! lmao

visit their website at www.polelateaz.com and see if they have a show on the road near you ;0)


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