The Gold Package

Let's see what your packing....

Now all the ladies know that there are some men out there living in a false reality when it comes to size. We've all heard the infomercials "Does size really matter?" lol Um heck yeah lol and this is only the start of the issue. Where shall I begin? I'm sure you've encountered some that maybe in their dreams, feel that their penis is large and packing…hefty enough to be worthy of Magnum brand protection; however the branding clearly states XL on the box so if you are swimming in it then maybe you need something more the size of a small waterballon perhaps. You know the kind that you had to struggle to fit over the faucet to fill when you were little lol I don’t know what’s so special about this particular condom anyway but I’m convinced that the gold foil packaging has something to do with it. Anything with gold foil says, “Exclusive,” especially to the unsuspecting woman that doesn't know he can't fit the bill. Ladies get excited when they see the gold foil come out because they are thinking logically that "Oh my he needs to wear a MAGNUM hmmm he must be large and in charge." But…I and other women feel that some of you are abusing the Magnum Gold Foil Membership. And you know who you are. LOL


Footnote-inspired by Black Girl in the City

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