Emotional (Wo)MEN

When it comes to emotions, its women that are usually pegged as being "overly sensitive", or "too emotionally attached", and so on and so forth. And while I will admit that I do have my fare share of emotions, I many times find that it's MEN who are just as, if not even more emotional than women are. I need a strong, confident, supportive man. I cant tell you how many men I know that act more like a (wo)man than I do. Sensitivity is all well and good, and I love a man that can express his feelings with you and show a softer side, NOW AND THEN, but there is nothing worse than a whinny, complaining, super sensitive, overly dramatic man! Come one! Who's really wearing the pants here? I always find it funny when I hear my girlfriends complaining about how they just wanted to have sex (ill say that instead of the 4 letter word of choice), and the guy wanted to cuddle and caress! Or when I have (wo)men catching a hissy fit because I didnt return or answer there phone call or text them back in a timely manner. Isnt it supposed to be the other way around?, according to what men say? Pleeease!, Ive had (wo)men show up at my doorstep, friends houses, or other places where they knew I would be just because I didnt answer their call!, lol....now Ive never been that emotional!...
....so I guess its safe to say that when it comes to being emotional, both sexes are guilty as charged!...what do you think?...
~J. Genese

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