Black and White and Sometimes Grey

I was just thinking about the differences 'if any' there are between black and white businesses. I've had the pleasure of working for a black owned small business this past week and was truly inspired by being in the company of such an intelligent African American CEO. After getting my barrings together and being more comfortable in my environment I started to think to myself of how 'different' it felt being in an all black corporate environment. Over my career I've had several supervisor's and only one was African American. I don't know if by default but she was my favorite and mostly likely it is because of our chemistry and mutual respect for one another. I noticed that when you take away the 'racial barrier' it has been my experience that I felt free to really perform to my best ability and not feel as though there were underlining meanings to feedback and certain instances that can occur. At my last employer there were times where I would be speaking to a co-worker and the supervisor would walk by and the co-worker would almost scurry back to their desk almost as if to motion "Let me get back in line before Massa get's mad!" lol Now I am making light of the situation here but it did bother me enormously that there was always a feeling of walking on eggshells in some corporate environments. I pray that I am hired FT at this new BLACK place of business so that I can grown and reach my best potential being mentored by one of my own. ;)


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