P.S. "I'm so jealous"

I chose this picture for two reasons, she looks fab and RED is the color of envy. Have you ever been out and about and came across a woman that made you say to yourself "I'm so jealous!" whether it's because she has great hair, gorgeous looks, sexy shoes or a fab handbag? Well I see beautiful women in my city everyday. I love living in Atlanta because there are tons of beautiful men and women here which makes for great people watching. I sat in one of the popular malls, Lenox Mall, last weekend to take it all in and I was so inspired. I saw someone dressed in an almost harajuku girl look, lots with those black liquid leggings of course, long sweaters and my favorite seems to be how the young Asian women dress. I love their style!
On the other hand don't you love it when you have your own "Make You LOOK" moment on the days when you look and feel fabulous and catch someone's admiring eyes on you. Doesn't that just make you feel awesome?!


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