Hopeless Romantic.....

"Baby this is a new age, you're like my new crave!"

I'm a hopeless romantic at heart! I was thinking just recently about romance and effects that technology has had on it. What happened to the days of hand written love letters sent in the mail? Wouldn't it be nice to receive a unexpected little note from your admirer? These are the days where you can flirt, tease and practically date someone all over waves of technology. Texting, IM, Chat, Email, Ecard, and the latest social networking sites are all ways people are choosing to link up so to speak. Will our young men know the importance of courting a female if he can opt to say 'hit me up on my facebook?' lol Perhaps not..... Do men even offer to open the door or pull out your chair anymore or how about the many times I'm in the gas station and I see a female pumping her own gas with a male sitting on the passenger side. WTF! Absolutely NOT! I vote for us bringing romance back. Try picking up your date, bring her a small token of 'love' or appreciation atleast for her time and open the car door for her, pull out the seat if you're going to dinner. It's the little things that go the distance.

This brings me to another thought. Internet dating....What do you think about finding your soulmate on match.com? I'm a bit hesitant myself but what are your thoughts? What other options do you have really if you feel as though you are too old for the club like I do? I just went out recently to Ten Pin with a friend and I told myself after having a hangover the next day, this is THE last time lol. I felt like I was amongst a bunch of children bumping into me and splashing my drink all over my clothes. Damn watch where the f*ck you are going lol but I have to remember that I'm a lady and not to speak in such ways lol Anyways let a sistah know what's on your mind.

Signing off singing "Ayo I'm tired of using technology, why don't you get on top of me, I need you right in front of me" lol 50 and Justin Timberlake


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