Salsa Time!!...aye! aye!

I had the most fun this weekend hanging out with my college friends at Columbus 72 Nightclub in the city! This sophisticated club featured the latest hip-hop, r&b, and pop music on one side, and then the hottest, (ok like I know whats hot latin music!, lol...hey it sounded hot to me:) Latin music on the other! We began the night on the hip-hop side, but I knew we wouldnt stay there for long since 2 out of 4 of us were of Spanish heritage....so off to the other we went! Now, Im not one to brag, but I have dabbled in a Salsa lesson here and there, he he he. I think I impressed myself, dancing, swaying, spinning, and dipping all in my 4 inch leopard stilletos! But that lasted all of about 1 hour!!, lol...I thought I was doing something too!, lol...I cant hang like I used to! We got there at 11pm, on the dot mind you....and by like 1:30am we were heading for the dinner!!, lol....man....the life of an almost (30) year old!

Check it Out!

~J. Genese

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