I feel a strong kinship with female entrepreneurs....

I am truly inspired! I recently went on an interview with Vantage Point Staffing and was truly inspired by the possibility of working for one of their clients. The owner of my 'future employer' truly inspires me as she is a successful female black business owner and charitable woman as well. After conducting my research for this week's working interview and reading online all to learn about her past education, employment and charity involvement I was inspired to take charge of my life and give back to the community as well. I have been blessed many times over by God and should take time out of my life to give to someone less fortunate. I used to give back personally by mentoring a high school girl a few years ago as well as volunteered through my past employer's "Give" initiative; in which I started the first effort by coordinating a planting day at Excel, a community center for disabled men and women in Smyrna. I even was able to have a landscaping vendor of my former employer to donate free plant materials and soil to the community center. I was so pleased and proud of myself after we completed the project in knowing that I helped to shape the future of volunteering at LMGI. I look forward to signing myself up to volunteer and I especially would like to do so with some involvement in our youth's education and financial awareness. 
If someone was to ask, "What inspires you most?" I would have to say the possibility of my future's potential.....Knowledge is empowering! 


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