GAGA for Lady GaGa!!!

A woman with style is my kind of woman! Hot on the scene right now, I am absolutely L.O.V.I.N.G Lady GaGa!! Not only is her albulm hot, but so is she! With expressive and bold lyrics, catchy hooks, and "dance" beats galore, "The Fame" is definitely one albulm I will be downloading onto my ipod. I listented to "p p p poker face, p p poker face" like 10 times on my commute to work this morning, and it surely put a pep in my step! But not only have I become a fan of her music, I love her style too. Just as she says what she wants in her lyrics, she also wears what she wants too! Not afraid "to go there" makes her edgy and unique. She has a style all her own, that I dont think too many will dare to emmulate...

...im GaGa for Lady GaGa!!:)


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