What Is In YOUR Bag??!@$%!???...

My bag is "out of control!!" lol. I mean literally, it must weigh at least 7 pounds, and Im just being nice. After lugging it all the way to work this morning, and knocking into numerous things and people with it, Ive finally decided to actually take a look and see what 7 pounds of importance looks like, cause clearly I cant live without this stuff!

Now off the top I know I have my essentials, my comb and brush, my umbrella and hat, since I actually did my hair this morning and decided just to throw the hat in the bag since I hear there's a chance of rain later, and the ever important cell phone (with charger of course). There's my makeup bag which i TRY to keep to a minimal, checkbook, iPod...my friends iPod, wallet, sunglasses (even though there is not a stitch of sun in the sky...actually, as I glance out the window I see snow flurries), gloves, 2 hand sanitizers, and my bag of candy!:) I have 2 bottles of nail polish, cause you never know when you may chip a nail and need to reapply with a top coat, oh and with that my little handy mini manicure set, you know, mini file, cutters and so forth. I see my camera...for emergency pictures. I see a not so travel size bottle of Victoria's Secret Coconut Sugar body lotion, and body spray. There's a spare set of earrings, Tweezerman eye brow tweezers (the best tweezers ever!), keys, dental floss, and the ever important Excedrin. Ive got 2 notepads, an appointment/calendar book, and the book ive been carrying around since Christmas that Im fake reading, "Who Moved My Cheese?", which I do hear is very good. Finally there's a headband, 2 packs of tissue which I can never find, thats why Im always adding yet another, and last but not least, my taxes!, that Ive been carrying around since January 31!!!!

...yes yes....all things I can't seem to live without! Alright, maybe one hand sanitizer is good enough!, lol

~J. Genese

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  1. OMG lmao you are sooooo ridiculous for having all that stuff in your bag. Let's see what I have in mine: wallet, car/house keys, camera for emergency pics lol, pain killers from the dentist today, old Jolly Rancher candy wrappers, my spare pair of extra large weekend earrings (must of thrown them in there after NBC) lol, a couple of lipglosses and lipsticks, spare change, a tampon, lime and coconut handlotion, checkbook, reciepts galore!, and that's about it. whew!