Ah yes Valentines will soon be here and you can already feel the "Love in the Air." I love this time of year although I am not currently in a fulfilling relationship I can still appreciate all the gestures and signs of love I see from the heart shaped candies, people displaying public signs of affection, red roses, romance movies in the theaters and most importantly hearing the words "I LOVE YOU." Saying these three words of affection to someone for the first time can be quite intimidating for some; however local Atlantan photographer Heidi Geldhauser just made it easier. She has cleaverly come up with a way to anomously leave sweet messages to brighten someone's day. You can leave one on the windshield of someone you secretly admire, give one to the cute waitress at the coffee shop, or just leave one in a public spot for anyone to cherish and pass along. In this time of love let's spread the romance. Stop by Heidi's website at iloveyoucards.org and order your FREE pack of 25 love notes.

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