How the OTHER WOMAN Will Get to Celebrate Valentines Day...

So this year Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday, and immediately I knew what some men were thinking...uh oh!...how am I going to pull this off!!, lol...

If you have more than one sweetheart, how do you decide, or "squeeze in" everyone so that they're all given a "Happy" Valentines Day? I asked a male friend of mine, a serial dater and playboy at heart, some of his tricks and secrets, so that we can know what to look for and what to expect if our Valentines try to play us for a fool this year ladies!

One of the main and most reliable excuses will be the classic, "I have to work". This excuse gives him the chance to either have to see you early in the day, and then "work" at night, ie, "work" on his other sweetie, or vice versa. Either way, if you've notice that your sweetie suddenly has to work this weekend, when he's never worked a weekend before.....beware!

Another excuse was the good ol "we're in a recession". This might be used so that he can share the wealth this weekend since he will be spending a good amount of money trying to keep everyone happy. And of course, if there have been any sudden arguments or disagreements leading to fights and slight "break ups", thats his way of freeing up some time during the weekend, since your mad at him he wont have to bother....or he'll come around maybe Saturday night, to "make up", after he's taken out his other sweetie....dont fall for it!!
If you dont hear from him too much on Friday, and he say's he's just trying to build up anticipation for Saturday...that just means he's taking the "other Valentine" out on Friday, so that she wont be interrupting on Saturday. I thought of that one on my own;)
All in all, I do wish everyone a delightful Valentines Day, and hopefully you wont have to be weary of any suspicious behavior this weekend. But im giving you the "heads up", for just in case;)
Happy Valentines Day!....xoxo...

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