Ur so Gay and you don't even like Boys/Music

You're so Gay and you don't even like Boys----or do you? Best put by my most recent favorite artist Kate Perry. Her song is hilarious and most importantly true for many men unfortunately. Take a look at this group of London Fashionistas accompanying Kanye with their LV briefcases, scarfs and even leopard tights galore! I mean this is ridiculous! I am all for the love of fashion but damn is it that serious? I sure hope these men aren't passing for heterosexual in their social circles because all is see is 6 "How YOU doing's!" LOL

In the words of Kanye "Everything I'm not, may be everything I am"......


  1. Omg!!...Speaking of the devil...someone informed me last night that Mr. West would now like to be referred to as "Martin Louis King"!!!!...as if!

  2. WTF lol Martin Louis King yes he needs to get checked into a clinic now. He is obviously greiving and it's not a good look at all.....